Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dog Photography in the River Tees, Darlington!

Hairy Dog Photography is always happy to travel when it comes to capturing your dog's best side, and last Friday found me flying down the A1 to Piercebridge, a lovely, sleepy little village near Darlington.  The very lovely Joanne plumped for the less than half price, framed print offer which ends today, but which can be extended until the end of June if you mention this blog when booking your shoot.  You can see all the shots here on the dog portraiture website.

Sadly, the eldest spaniel has cancer, and Joanne thought it'd be nice to have a set of professionally taken photos for her husband.  The brief was simple, get some shots of the spaniel by himself, and some of all three dogs at once.  My heart always sinks a little when a client asks for dogs to be shot together - unless they're all very well trained, it can be close to impossible!  Here are some of the results...

These dogs all loved their sticks :-)

Just a quick techie, photogeek note: the Nikon 70-200VR lens makes photographing dogs so much easier - once the VR has settled on a subject, pin sharp results can always be expected, even wide open at f2.8.

A spot of sunshine on the way back to the car makes all the difference (quite glad they weren't getting in my car though!!).

All three dogs in the water at once - check!  Joanne quite liked the idea of a montage of six or so photos, so I've put together a quick first draft which I'm quite pleased with (below).

If you'd like a dog portrait shoot, or if you're planning a day out with the family and the dog which you'd like to have captured in pictures, please do just call me on 07866127732 or use the CONTACT page on the website, even if it's just to have a chat!

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