Sunday, 15 May 2011

Two days, two dogs!

Hairy Dog Photography, based in the North East if England.  Specialising in contemporary lifestyle portraiture of your dogs and families.

Toby's photoshoot took place at his house in Sunderland on Saturday.  Believe it or not, he's 12 years old - you wouldn't know it to look at him!  Dogs are often at their best in the familiar environs of their own home.  They are relaxed and at ease, surrounded by their families and familiar sights and smells.  This was certainly true of Toby, who behaved like a true gent throughout!  You can see the whole shoot HERE on the website.

He didn't seem at all phasedf by the big black backdrop in his living room - in fact he trotted straight onto it and sat, looking expectantly at the studio light above him.

Seriously, what a cutie!  And as you can see, he doesn't look a day over six!

And earlier tonight, I got the studio lights out again to check over some issues I've been having with the remote radio triggers.  Once I'd sorted that out, I thought it might be fun to try and shoot a white dog against a white backdrop.  So the living room became a 'studio' within five minutes, and Kasper the hairy, white dog was pressed intop service as a model...

Kapser's not too keen on the whole studio experience, so I kept it short, and treat-filled!

This was really just a technical exercise - I wanted to challenge myself a bit (and the poor dog).  Just for reference, here's a photo of the lighting setup for Kasper's shoot;

In the diagram above, the key light was brought as close a possible to Kasper, without terrifying him, to give as soft and even a light as possible.  The fill light (just visible on the right of the door) is a silver reflector brollie, just to fill in the shadows and give catchlights in the eyes.  The brollie light behind the backdrop is set to nearly three quarters of its full capacity, to blow out the background.

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