What's it all about?

What's it all about?

Hairy Dog Photography has been working hard in the North East since March 2011.  Although the business was born near Durham, I have since moved back to Aberdeen (Oct 2017).  I'm Jamie Emerson, and I've been working as a full time, professional photographer for well over a decade now.   Up until 2011, I shot mainly weddings, with the odd portrait shoot thrown in.  My own dog Kasper the hairy rescue Lurcher was the inspiration behind Hairy Dog Photography.  Here he is...

As you can see, he reckons he's a handsome dog, and who am I to disagree?  The more photos I took of Kasper, the more it dawned on me that other people might like photos of their own hairy dogs - perhaps they'd even like to be in the photos too?!

So Hairy Dog was born and it's never looked back.  We are now the 'go-to' company in Aberdeenshire for all kinds of dog related imagery.  From commercial work, to dog shows, to family photoshoots with the dog, on a favourite walkies.

So why has Hairy Dog struck a chord with the good people of the North East?

Well, I think it has a lot to do with my previous photographic experience.  I already had all the tools for the job, mentally and physically.  Once you're used to dealing with hundreds of merry guests at a wedding, a dog shoot, is, well, a walk in the park!  And I love it!
What makes Hairy Dog different?  Needless to say, I love dogs, which helps enormously!  I also have a great love of photography, both the artistic side, and the geeky, gear related side.  My years as a social photographer ensure that the service I offer my clients is the very best possible.  My affinity with dogs ensures a fun, happy shoot.  I also spend a lot of time with a huge variety of anilmals in my role as dog-sitter.  I have a different dog staying with me every month of the year, so am very aware of dog behaviours and tempraments.

If you'd like to see some more work, please do take a minute to head over to the galleries on the website - Photographs of dogs in the North East.