Monday, 4 December 2017

Gift Vouchers for Aberdeen Dog Lovers!

Just the perfect Christmas present for dogs and owners.

A Hairy Dog Photography gift voucher is much more than just a pretty card in a flashy envelope...  It's a long lasting reminder of happy times with the hairiest member of the family and as presents go, it's always genuinely appreciated - a gift with some thought behind it!
Book your Dog Photography Gift Voucher here!

When you buy a gift voucher, you'll receive a physical card to write your own message in - there's a brief explanation of the process inside and contact details on the back.  The lucky recipient is entitled to a one hour photo session in the location of their choice, within about 25 miles of Aberdeen City.  Further afield is fine too with a bit of prior discussion.

A few weeks after the session, they'll be sent a link to an online gallery to showcase between 30 - 40 beautifully finished images.  Each photograph is worked on individually to ensure it looks its absolute best.  They can then choose which two they'd like printed at 9x6" and I'll have them made at a professional lab on archival photo paper.

Hairy Dog Photography gift vouchers, Aberdeen

The session itself is mostly about having fun in a lovely location - this could be the dog's favourite walk or perhaps somewhere new and interesting!  I'll liaise with the owner to make sure we get decent weather and a time and place that suits everyone.  Over the years, I've learnt exactly what to take with me (and what not to take) so everywhere from fields to mountains are within reach.

Humans are encouraged to have a few photos with their dogs but I won't bully anyone into having their photo taken - it can be all about the dog :-)
hairy dog photography gift vouchers aberdeen

Find out more on the Hairy Dog Photography website, see some recent work on the Hairy Dog Facebook Page or go ahead and buy a voucher or book a session HERE.  If you have any questions, please do just drop me an email at or use the Hairy Dog Contact Form on the website.  Alternatively, just call me on 07866127732 :-)

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Aberdeen Dog Photography Housewarming Offer

A New Chapter for Hairy Dog Photography...
... and a Very Special Dog Photography Offer in Aberdeen...

After many (many!) months of waiting, we have finally sold our house near Durham and are now living back in Aberdeen, after a 15 year absence!.  We haven't moved in to the new house quite yet - everything seems to happen with all the haste of a glacier moving through syrup...  However, I'm now up and running in Grampian, offering the same services as before - tip-top dog and family photography ready to be turned into stunning art for your walls.  Bad jokes are all part of the service too.  The Hairy Dog website has had a bit of an Autumnal spruce up and I think I've removed all references to NE England...

hairy dog photography, special offer aberdeen photography, pet photographer aberdeen

As a sort of housewarming gift, it seemed a good idea to run a short special offer, so I've slashed the session fee to just £40 instead of the usual £70.  This still includes an hour long session on location, two 9x6" prints and an online gallery to view your images.  As always, each and every photo is worked on individually and you can expect about 30 photographs to choose from.  If you'd like to know more about dog photography in Aberdeenshire, please click through to the Hairy Dog booking page.  You can read some of the most common questions about a dog photo session too.  The offer lasts until the 1st of December, so don't wait too long!  You can buy your session now but you don't have to use it straight away - any time before the end of April 2018 is fine.

Also, don't forget that dog photography gift vouchers are available - starting at £70 they're a great gift for those friends who are constantly covered in dog hair and mud :-)

Hope to meet some of you soon!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Last Chance for Heavily Discounted Doggy Photoshoots!

Very Last Gasp for Better than Half Price Photo Sessions

All through the Spring and early Summer, Hairy Dog Photography has been running better than half price, last minute photo sessions, mainly due to the house being up for sale and an uncertainty about where I would be in a month's time!  Well sadly, the house still hasn't sold so it looks like you're stuck with me for at least a few more months!  And this means that prices will be returning to normal on the 15th of August.

Current offers are; just £35 for a full, one hour session in Herrington Park or at Penshaw Monument / woods instead of the usual £70.  This includes an online gallery to view your photos and two 9x6” prints.

Alternatively, just £85 for the same session without the prints but with ALL your full sized photos available as a download to print, share and copy as often as you like.  This would normally cost £290, so it really is a massive saving.

You don't have to use your session straight away but it does need to be bought and booked before the 15th of August, even if your booking isn't until September.  There are only so many sessions I can squeeze in between now and the 15th, so please do get in touch now to secure your booking.

To buy your session, please email me at, message me through my Facebook page: call me on 07866127732 or just use the 'Contact' button at the top of this page.

If you have a location in mind, I'm happy to travel within 10 miles of DH44LN at no extra cost if you're buying the £85 package.  Mileage is charged at 40 pence per mile after that.

Discount photoshoots in Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle for dogs


  • Why choose Hairy Dog?  Established back in 2011, Hairy Dog is the North East's go-to place for all things dog photography.  With over a decade of working in photography, you can be sure of a reliably brilliant service every time.

  • What if it's raining on the day of my session?  It does happen and I'm completely flexible when it comes to rescheduling.  I'd rather wait a few days and get the best possible photos of your dog than send you away with photos of a soggy dog!

  • How do I pay for my session?  PayPal is usually the easiest and most secure way but you can also use bank transfer or I can take payment in person with my card reader.  I do ask that all sessions are prepaid at the time of booking.

  • Can I bring my family along?  Yes, yes and a thousand times yes!  Please do!  I love getting the family involved in photo sessions.

  • I have three dogs - is that extra?  No, you can bring as many dogs as you like, so long as they all live in the same household.

  • Can I buy extra photos, framed photos or canvas prints etc?  Yes, I can take care of everything for you with an amazing range of ready to hang products but there's absolutely no obligation and no hard sell!

  • My dog won't sit still - is that a problem?!  Not really - I specialise in action photography and you'd be amazed how often I'm able to get some beautifully lit photos of even the most restless dogs!

If that sounds like something you or a friend would like to take advantage of, please do just send me a message / email or give me a call to book your session whilst they're still on offer - these offers will end on August 15th, so please don't wait too long!

dog photography at penshaw, herrington, north east, newcastle

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Half Price Dog and Family Photoshoots

For one month only...

...  Hairy Dog Photography is offering half price photography sessions in Herrington Country Park.  If you've been thinking about having some professional photos of your dog for a while, now's a good time to dive in!  The sun is (mostly) shining, the mud is (mostly) drying up and the world is finally beginning to get green again.

Your one hour session includes a web gallery and a 9x6" print, all for just £35 instead of the usual £70.  The only thing I ask is that the session is held in Herrington Park where there's a good mix of backdrops - everything from woodland to open grassy areas.

Although I specialise in natural photos of your dog in action, I'm just at home taking lovely still portraits too, so don't worry if your dog is easily distracted or not allowed off their lead.

 It's super easy to book your session.  Just call me (Jamie) on 07866127732 / 01915845442 or drop me an email at

Why the big discount?  Well, after 12 lovely years of being a photographer here in NE England, Hairy Dog is moving to Aberdeen, so I'm happy to offer this 'last minute' discount to new and existing clients.

In short then;

  • Payment must be made prior to your session - please call or email to schedule
  • Your session should be taken between 18th March 2017 and 18th April 2017
  • Session cost is £35, including web gallery, one hour photoshoot and print
  • All sessions to be held in Herrington Country Park
  • You can buy any other prints and products from your gallery but there is absolutely no hard sell at all
  • Feel free to bring the whole family if you'd like some informal, professional photos of them too!

A few FAQs...

  • What if it's raining?  I'm always happy to reschedule.  No-one likes photos of a soggy dog
  • Can I bring more than one dog?  Yes - so long as both dogs are part of the same household
  • My dog is reactive / not allowed of the lead - is this OK?  Absolutely yes!  The park is large enough that we can always find a quiet corner, even on the busiest days

    So please do get in touch today for this last-gasp offer from Hairy Dog
discount photoshoot, north east pet photography discount, half price photoshoot, hairy dog photography