Thursday, 1 December 2011

Please Beware Printerpix!!

Avoid buying Groupon Printerpix vouchers!

Just a quick blog today to warn my photographic colleagues about Printerpixs' customer service.  I know most of us never use low end printers so this probably won't affect you, but nonetheless, here is my tale of woe.

I wanted to produce ten calendars for Christmas presents and when I saw the Printerpix Groupon voucher offering 10 calendars for £35 I jumped in with both feet without researching the company.  Bad idea.

The order went in on the 8th November 2011 and about eight days later, just ONE calendar arrived in flimsy packaging.  It was bent badly - a big crease right accross the top made it pretty much useless as a gift.  The print quality is actually very good.  The spiral binding is fine too.  It looks like what it is - a cheap calendar, but that's fine because it was cheap!

Needless to say, I emailed straight away and had no response.  So I got on the phone (0844 number, ouch!) and after a 10 minute wait I spoke to a member of staff who very politely assured me that Printerpix would look into my order and have a manager phone me back the same day.  No phone call came, so I called back the next day.  Got exactly the same spiel from a different staff member.  Three more calls over the next three days had the same results.  I always find that being polite and calm gets better results than shouting and stamping ones' feet, but I was beginning to feel a little fobbed off.....

About a week ago, another single calendar arrived.  To be fair, they had beefed up the packaging but I am still short of eight calendars.  Cue another spate of trying to get through on the phone, which eventually, I did.  All in all, I have now spoken to their reps six times, but have had to wait an average of ten minutes each time to speak to someone.  Each phone call has resulted in the same assurances - my order is being rushed through, a manager will phone me back in three hours, your order will ship by the end of the week.  Every single promise they make is broken.

I fully understand that they are very busy - they're still selling Groupon vouchers by the thousand.  It's coming up for Christmas and customers love the prices.  But they are very obviously not geared up to fulfilling orders in anything like a timely fashion, and the customer service is plainly impossibly bad.

All this is entirely my own opinion and I know others have been delighted with their dealings with Printerpix.  All my phone calls and emails have been logged, just in case they set their legal terriers on me.  As it stands though, I'd strongly advise never ever buying any of their products.

UPDATE 12th December. 

So, I emailed one of the management and linked to the blog post above, on the 1st December.  Within half an hour, he called me (this, after weeks of downright lies from the call centre staff, ignored emails and getting nowhere holding for half an hour plus on the phone).  He was very apologetic and promised to get the calendars to me by the middle of last week.  Nothing.  Zich.  Nada.  No calendars.

I've just sent him another eamil and copied in Groupon's customer support team.  I just want a refund now - it's become very obvious that Printerpix just do not care about their customers.

Worse, I am now concerned that their shonky business practices have finally put them out of business - their phone line now just goes to an automated recording telling me that they are having "system problems".  I'll say.

So just to reiterate, do not use Printerpix.  They are completely hopeless.  They will tell you everything's fine whilst their whole operation is in disarray.  Cold, hard facts.


  1. UPDATE: after posting this blog, and emailing various folk at Printerpix, I got a call from them. The chap I spoke to was very understanding and promised to have the calendars with me by midweek next week. They do appear to understand why so many of their customers are unhappy but I have no idea what they plan to do to rectify this. Will update again when products arrive....

  2. I trust that all was worked out, we are committed to satisfying our customers and do have customer service waiting to address any needs. If anything is left still unresolved please address it at so that customer service does see it and can assist you to the best of our ability.

  3. Hello Anonymous. The calendars did finally arrive in time for Christmas and the product is fantastic for the money. Sadly though, I won't be back - the customer service was just so bad and frustrating. Next time, I'd pay a bit more and deal with a different company.