Saturday, 16 April 2011

Photographing Greyhounds is not easy....

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We are looking after the rather lovely Mick for a few days whilst his owners are on holiday.  Mick is a retired greyhound and one of the sweetest, funniest dogs we've ever had the pleasure of looking after.

He only has three speeds; amble, fast trot and nuclear powered.  Our hairy lurcher Kasper is used to getting the best of all the local dogs in terms of speed and maneuverability, so he was shaken and stirred when this staggering, shambling old behemoth suddenly dropped the bomb the first time the lead came off!

With Kasper choking on Mick's dust, I began to realise that getting pin-sharp photos of Mick wasn't going to be easy.  Although he runs in a straight line (eventually turning to come full circle on himself - he still thinks he's on a racetrack), getting the auto-focus point to stay on or around his head is problematic, due to the up and down bobbing motion.

  Having got that out of his system, Mick returned to his default speed of 'fast trot', much to Kasper's relief.  Kasper's dignity had taken a bit of a beating but he made up for it by pretending to find and chase imaginary rabbits, all the while glancing over his shoulder at his lanky housemate.

Mick really is a statuesque animal - a true athlete, even in his golden years.  I think the photo below captures some of his debonair grace and easy elegance.  All he needs is a top hat and a bow tie.  Or maybe not.

Having Mick to stay has been an eye-opener, both for us humans and for Kasper too.  Grayhounds are the Bugatti Veyrons of the dog world and it's truly wonderful to see them in full flight.

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  1. Beautiful photos capturing the grace and power of a grehound. very nice!

  2. Thanks PPPP - it's always good to see an animal like this at ease with its environment and having fun!